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Mini drifter


About Us

Custom-built and hand-made in the U.S.A. utilizing lightweight 5052 and 6061 aluminum. These ultralight boats can slide into the back of your truck, or be car topped. The Mini Drifter can easily be handled and dragged to your favorite spot effortlessly. 

No launch ramp or designated access areas are needed for this fishing platform.

Very stable and handles like a dream!


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The Mini Drifter Advantage

The Mini Drifter, is the most versatile drift boat on the market. Our drift boat is able to fish freshwater streams, rivers, lakes, as well as bays, estuaries and certain open ocean areas in saltwater. Not to mention, that you don't need a trailer, launch ramp or other! One person can slide the Mini Drifter boat in and out of their favorite fishing or hunting spot with ease. This little drift boat does it all!

Here at Mini Drifter, we are all about functionality, low cost, no maintenance durability with a lifetime of fun and excitement. This little drift boat does it all!

Like most Mini Drifter owners, we are passionate about them. My passion began, when I bought my first Mini Drifter, while attending Humboldt State University, earning my Fisheries Biology degree. Floating down the Northern California rivers, fly-fishing and plugging for Salmon and Steelhead turned into an addiction. Since then, I have owned three different Mini Drifters. Fishing them in all the western states, including Baja Mexico, only to end up having cave into other fishermen pressuring me to sell it to them, while on a fly-fishing trip in Montana or some other destination.

Our Boats

8 Foot

The 8-Foot Mini-Drifter. Great for a quick and easy load into the bed of your for a get-up-and-go fishing trip.

10 Foot

The 10' Mini Drifter is the median of the Mini Drifter family. The same lightweight style weighing in at 110lbs, with more room.

12 Foot